Summer Plans

It started with a single seemingly crazy idea borne years ago when scouring the internet for fun new trails to try.

“The Pacific Crest Trail?”

“Yeah, it says here it’s a 2650-mile trail that stretches from Mexico to Canada. Apparently a couple hundred people attempt to hike the whole thing in one go every year.”


We toyed with the idea for a while before shelving it, deeming it an amazing idea but an impractical one at that point in our lives. A five month trek seemed unfortunately unrealistic. We figured it would still be there when we were of retirement age, whether or not we would still be able-bodied enough to enjoy it.

And yet. It hung there in the back of our minds. Hike the PCT. It resurfaced every so often before being brushed away again, not for lack of interest but because it still seemed something we couldn’t possibly make happen. It got a little louder each time. Hike the PCT.

Late last year, it became deafening. HIKE THE PCTRealizing that if we didn’t go now we might never get the chance, we listened.

We’re going.

2650 miles, beginning from the California-Mexico border and ending eight miles into Canada. We’ll pass through water-scarce desert, snowy mountains, and some of the most beautiful sites imaginable. We’ll be sweaty and smelly with sore feet and a heavy pack.  And it’s going to be amazing.

We kick off on May 13th and we’d love for you to follow along.

See that long red line there? That’s where we’re headed.