From Campo to Mt. Laguna (Mile 43)

We made it to Mt. Laguna! Which is almost 2% of the way.

Heading out

Heading out

The first day was tough. The heat, elevation climb, and adjusting to the weight of our packs made for some brutal hiking. We dragged ourselves into Lake Morena as planned but hours after we had hoped to make it due to laying out in the shade during the worst of the day.
We were feeling a little beat up, so decided to lay low during the worst of the heat at Morena, resting and reading. While there, we ran into a couple of other PCT hikers and found out that two hikers had required rescue by Border Patrol that morning on their way to Lake Morena because they ran out of water. They were on a bus back to San Diego; I believe they’ve packed it in. The other hikers we met all had a similarly hard day the previous day and were staying another night at the campground to rest. We marched on, heading out at 3pm and calling it quits after about 12.5 miles near Fred Canyon. We did some hiking by headlamp and saw a bobcat which ran off fairly quickly. We’ve also seen a few non-poisonous snakes, been hissed at by a rattlesnake our first night out, and saw something else nosing around last night where we set up camp. We’re not sure what it was – we just managed to see its eyes – but it ran off, wanting nothing to do with us.

We set out this morning determined to make it to Mt. Laguna by lunchtime and now we’re loitering outside the store resting up. The plan is to hike another 4.5 miles to a campground tonight.

We have more pictures and more to say but I’m finding it hard to post from a phone and almost out of battery so I will update more later.

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