Quick Update from Mile 1916

This isn’t a real post. This is just a quick note to apologize for not posting. We are doing well and moving along (currently just north of Crescent, OR at approximately mile 1916), but have had neither computer access nor strong wireless signal since leaving Ashland. Also, we are jamming along to make it to Cascade Locks by next Friday, so our days have been long and our resupply stops have been very short – just enough time to grab our package, shower, do laundry, and eat a quick (but large) meal. So please excuse the delay – I promise to be back to posting ASAP. In the meantime, here are a couple photos from the completely stunning Crater Lake – more to come with the updates. Thanks for being patient with us!


One comment on “Quick Update from Mile 1916

  1. Wow, on top of the world. I cannot wait to see all the beautiful photo’s taken during this very special time in your lives. Soldier forward. See you soon. Hugs.

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